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I remember from an early age being advised never to judge a book by its cover – this of course being a metaphor from judging anything from piece of artwork to a meal or a pair of shoes or even a bottle of wine from that first, brief glance.

Did you know it only takes only one tenth of a second to make an impression that can be lasting? It has been proven that the more attractive the appearance, the better success for that crucial first impression.

So what does it mean when it comes to wine? Whilst embarking on Domaine des Jeanne’s adventure and navigating through the wine trade, we have had to learn hard and fast what makes a good impression on wine buyers and how to stay ahead of the trend in an ever-changing market.

When it came to the presentation of our wine, it was clear that both the colour and label were a major deciding factor. It was essential for us that our label captured what our brand is all about in terms of the art of wine; we enlisted contemporary artist and friend of the family Professor Paul Huxley to help us with this and create an artistic label. His design was fresh, fun and modern and we were delighted. However, for a rosé wine label, we quickly learned that it was too dark and it became apparent that in order to best highlight the subtle colour of the wine, a paler label was essential. We wanted something that was a little more simplistic and yet remaining elegant and chic. After brainstorming with the French company, that works with top vintners in Chateauneuf, we have continuously evolved our look each year. We have kept the original label design, since it is part of our story and progression, but we have built on it to produce what we hope, you will agree, is a new label that catches the eye.

When it came to the colour of our wine, after our first ever year, we received feedback that many of our clients would prefer a paler wine. The current trend is all about very light coloured rosé wines – the so-called “blush”. We collaborated with expert blend specialist Serge Mouriesse – who works on Chateauneuf-du-Pape as well – to help us achieve the very best presentation of the blush in this year’s wine.

In order to make the wine a little more informal and in our continuous efforts to present our wine as well as possible we have evolved our branding. Our change to the simplified JJ is, we think, a more easily memorable abbreviation and it rolls off the tongue…just like our wine!

We are excited for the new wine to be with us and we hope you will are looking forward to the experience of tasting it as much as we are. Do leave us your feedback and what you think of our new label. JJ Rosé 2015 will be available to order soon…watch this space!

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