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When our owner Mervyn Davies embarked on his new venture Domaine des Jeanne, the whole process seemed to develop organically and in a very short space of time. How we got our label, is a typical example of how things developed. As chairman of the Royal Academy of Arts, Mervyn had worked closely with Professor Paul Huxley, contemporary artist and Treasurer of the Royal Academy of Arts.

LAUNCHING AT LA VERANDA GALLERY 05 200x300 - How we got our label

The inspiring Paul Huxley with our original label design.

With very little persuasion, Paul accepted the commission to design the label for our new wine. The end result is absolutely stunning. Our ethos for Domaine des Jeanne is not only about the art of winemaking but also the natural fusion of art and wine. The colours are elegant, bright and sophisticated which underlines luxury and the lively upbeat nature of our rosé wine which is also reflected in the fresh, lively flavour. This natural fusion is typified in the eye-catching, contemporary, elegant label which adorns our wine.

To better understand this fusion of creative winemaking and art, here Paul explains his pivotal part in our story and his love of wine in general and our rosé in particular:

“I was absolutely delighted when I was approached by Jeanne and Mervyn to design a wine label for the new business. I had designed two wine labels before, for the ‘house’ reds for two private clubs, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, and so when invited, I enthusiastically agreed.

It was an extremely brief brief! I was given the freedom to create something from the heart for the new rosé wine. For inspiration, I imagined Mervyn and his wife Jeanne feeling happy sitting on their terrace in the sun sipping their wine.

What can an Englishman do in our awful climate but yearn for the sun and particularly the south of France? I knew the region a little, some old friends of mine lived and worked near St Saturnin d’Apt and I stayed there for a couple of summers some forty years ago. We drank the local wine, which was delicious, but it wasn’t nearly as famous further afield than it is today. My wife and I visited Jeanne and Mervyn much more recently. The wine from the Lumberton region is better than ever and the people and the landscape, thank goodness, haven’t changed.

THE ART OF WINE 02 680x1024 199x300 - How we got our label

Our fun design – thank you Paul we love it!

Personally, my wife and I don’t find white wines very compatible with the English climate so we both drink red wine, particularly from Bordeaux and the region of St Emillion, nearly all the time even with fish. We like to drink rosé wine occasionally. We enjoy desert wines occasionally also. Fifteen or more years ago a friend introduced us to Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise which we still enjoy.

At the moment, I am working limited edition print for Domaine des Jeanne and a label for their olive oil.

My paintings on canvas continue, one after the other, each a variation on the last until I develop a new theme.

I think the rosé delicious and I’m waiting to see Domaine des Jeanne’s future offerings.”

Paul’s print will soon be available for sale on the website – watch this space and for any queries contact us at

For the history behind inspirational and exceptionally talented Paul, please click here.

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