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This weekend saw the start of the vendanges (harvest) at the Domaine des Jeanne vineyard, picking the crop for this year’s rosé. Conditions throughout the growing season in the Luberon have been especially good and our team in France believe this will be a truly exceptional vintage.

VENDANGES 01 - Vendanges
The grapes ripe for picking

It has been a really exciting year for Domaine des Jeanne. We have seen the completion of our new winery kitted out with the latest, modern equipment to press, ferment and filtrate our precious grapes.

The first grapes to be harvested, ugni blanc, made their maiden voyage early on Saturday through the press in record time and minimum fuss, much to the excitement of our talented winemaker Alex Samour. He tasted the juice from the first pressing and declared it to be perfect. Collected grape juice will now be stored in huge fermentation tanks where it will transform from a sweet juice to a superb blush.

VENDANGES 02 - Vendanges
The picked grapes are transported to the press
VENDANGES 03 - Vendanges
Ugni Blanc grape variety ready for pressing
VENDANGES 04 - Vendanges
Grape juice from the press

Over the next few days the vendanges will continue, picking and pressing the other grapes that will be blended to produce our final wine. This is the first year we are blending our own wine and we will be producing two different rosé wines for our wine lovers. More on this to follow.

We still have some stock of the 2013 wine for sale, so if you are interested, please get in touch with us!

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