Our story

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Great wines are all about great unions. When the right terroir, grape and vintner come together, magic happens, just as the pairing of wine and food can be sublime.

  • It started with a wedding

    While sourcing the perfect rosé for the wedding of Laura their daughter in 2011, avid wine collectors Lady Jeanne & Lord Mervyn Davies formulated an idea of the type of rosé they would love if they were to create their own.

  • Then came the right people

    In 2011, Veronique was managing the home of Lady Jeanne & Lord Mervyn Davies. Veronique’s partner, Alexandre Samour, was a vintner with over 15 years of winemaking experience. Over dinner one evening, Mervyn asked Alex if he could find some vines and Alex said he would…

  • At the right time

    Within 6 months, Alex had found them the perfect location with an old building on the land. It had no running water and no electricity… This meeting of minds, interests and aspirations forged the union that led to Jeanne & Mervyn to purchase 7 hectares of prime vineyard in Oppède, in the Luberon region of Provence… and Domaine Des Jeanne was born!

  • & with passion

    With the vineyard situated between the mountains and the sea, close to the legendary wine-producing commune of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, local vintner Alex Samour set to work. To create a complex taste with depth, the 2012 vintage was to be produced using fruit with 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 10% Clairette.

    This recipe coupled with the annual sun in the Lubéron region, created a beautifully feminine wine. Refreshingly dry, vivid with stunning fruit notes and a long finish. With Grenache vines aged 10-25 years and the majority of Syrah at 10 years, our vineyard was producing high quality grapes from March 2012. Within no time at all, the first vendange (harvest) produced a high quality yield.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Domaine Des Jeanne is named after Mervyn’s wife: Jeanne; and Alex’s daughter: Petite Jeanne.

Our name represents the importance of family to us. For the eagle-eyed among you, you might have noticed, the names of each of our wines begins with ‘JJ’… to pay homage to both Jeannes! Some may think when we write JJ’adore that we typed it incorrectly, however, now you will see it’s intentional.

  • Lady Jeanne Davies

  • Petite Ieanne

Our vintner Alex proudly nurtures, harvests, processes and blends to produce all our Domaine des Jeanne wine.

During the vendange each September, Alex harvests only the highest quality grapes for the wine. Picked in the morning darkness ensuring that the freshness and flavour is retained in the grape, the grapes are then pressed as the juice is recovered. The mixture is cooled to 13 degrees Celsius and then decanted for 24 hours.

The appropriate fermentation level is set and controlled by cool temperatures. The next 25 days are dedicated to fermentation where the sugars break down the natural yeast into alcohol. The blend then undergoes clean filtration and is bottled in Bordeaux style bottles.

OUR TEAM More than just colleagues, we are family. Our ethos is one of respect for each other and fostering an atmosphere where everyone can thrive, making Domaine Des Jeanne the best we can be.

  • Lord Mervyn Davies


  • Lady Jeanne Davies


  • Alexandre Samour

    Co-Founder & Wine Maker

  • Veronique Escande


  • Petite Jeanne


  • Denise Douet

    Business Development Manager - UK & Ireland

  • Darcy David

    Office Manager - UK

  • Nathaly Ferrier

    Office Manager - France

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Our charitable ethos

“Jeanne” means divine gift. Therefore, we believe in the gifting back to Charity; as well as to Individuals and Causes that move us. Those we have a connection with because generosity is another important element driving us in our wine family.

  • Wales Air Ambulance

  • Together for Short Lives

  • Hope House